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Bev Shroot is a masters student in curating and art administration at UNSW Art and Design.
This semester, she  was fortunate to be part of a field trip organised by Dr. Felicty Fenner and Dr. David McNeil to attend two biennales in Korea and one in Taiwan.  This website is a small part of her travel journal to those biennales.
The trip was an opportunity to see a lot of art in a short space of time.  It also provided a forum to learn from two highly knowledgeable lecturers and sixteen peer students who offered perspectives and insights that would not have been gained by making the trip alone.
Days were spent at the galleries. Evenings were spent discussing what had been seen.  Some of the art was great. Some of the art was not so great.  All of the art was valuable. 
Bev Shroot can be contacted using the form on this page or you are welcome to post your comments.

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